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      Many of our children have been through severe trauma before coming to us.  With this history, children in foster care are much more likely to have high levels of emotional and behavioral difficulties. Foster children tend to be behind academically do to their lack of school attendance, or trauma related issues which affect their ability to concentrate and learn.  Nearly half of children in foster care have had four or more “adverse family experiences” potentially traumatic events that are associated with multiple poor outcomes in childhood and adulthood.  For some foster children, they experience multiple placements, which means multiple new schools that further delay and affect their academic performance and outcomes. The impact that trauma has on our kid’s abilities to be successful in school is monumental. 

     North Carolina has worked hard to give each foster child an opportunity to be successful in school and beyond, yet despite these efforts the numbers are difficult to look at. All foster kids who turn 18 in the foster care system can attend college in North Carolina free. Unfortunately, less than 4% do. Mostly it is because they begin life behind, stay behind, and hope turns to frustration. 

      Seven Homes is dedicated to care for the needs of the whole child, and setting our children up for the succes that thy deserve.  We also aim to fully support the foster families that step up to be a hero for these kids.   This is why we  and pay for tutoring services for foster children that need just a little more attention.  Your donation makes it possible for these children to change the cycle that many fall into, and to rewrite thier future!

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