Donate to our Christmas Celebration


Seven Homes has a Christmas Celebration every year, but this year will be a little different.  We will be giving them the "gift of giving".  Seven Homes is partnering with World Vision to create a very unique and rewarding Christmas experience.  Each child will be given a token.  The kids get to use this token to select from one of five items we chose from the World Vision Christmas catalog that Seven Homes will purchase in their honor as their item to give this Christmas.  This could be a goat, a new well, or even school supplies.  The children will be educated on the need, and how their gift will be put to good use.  

Seven Homes is asking for your support in this exciting and heartwarming gift exchange we are planning.  It is an opportunity to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, as well as help another family or child in need.  Your donation will go towards making this an event to remember for years to come.






Who's donating: from Matthews, NC donated. Thank you!